About Us.

Head Chef & Owner
Mr. Prahlad Meena

As an experienced and innovative chef, I possess over two decades of culinary expertise, and committed to delivering exceptional culinary experiences and achieving the highest standards of culinary excellence. My diverse skill set blends traditional and contemporary techniques to create delectable and visually stunning dishes. I have an extensive background in managing kitchen operations and leading dynamic culinary teams, which has prepared me to excel in high-pressure environments.

Culinary Expert: I have over two decade of experience in the culinary and hospitality industry, with deep knowledge of cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavors.

Innovative : I am not afraid to experiment with new ingredients, techniques, and flavors to create unique and exciting dishes.

Diverse Skill Set: My skill set blends traditional and contemporary techniques, and can create dishes that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Chef Prahalad Meena

Restaurant Location & Pictures

Queens St St Marys
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